Healthy Food Snack Recipes To Make Guests’ Mouths Water

Natural healthy food organic recipes are usually tasty. Nutritionists tell us that there is more nutrition in the cardboard box that packages your cornflakes than there is in your cornflakes. But even if cornflakes were nutritious, they can’t compare with the flavor of strawberries straight from your organic garden.

I’ve spent many happy hours gathering mulberries from the roadside trees, and blackberries, and carob beans, and raspberries, and strawberries, and English gooseberries. Some of these delicious fruit even reached the container because I couldn’t eat them as fast as I picked them.

Of course your healthy food breakfast should have a bit more than just fruit. Vegetables are also great. I used to wander my organic garden and gather whatever struck my fancy. Some of it was suitable for breakfast such as Daikon radish, Florence fennel, purslane, Chinese cabbage, cabbage, nasturtium flowers, pansy flowers, day lily flowers, parsley, garlic greens and so on.

Of course your healthy food breakfast should have a bit more than just fruit. Vegetables are also great. I used to wander my organic garden and gather whatever struck my fancy. Some of it was suitable for breakfast such as Daikon radish, Florence fennel, purslane, Chinese cabbage, cabbage, nasturtium flowers, pansy flowers, day lily flowers, parsley, garlic greens and so on.

Now I have hardly any teeth left I prepare this healthy food breakfast. It doesn’t take me very long at all. I start by drinking 1.2 litres of water.

Into my 1.5litre blender I put three driied shiitake mushrooms, half an orange with the skin still on it, a tomato, a carrot, three florets of broccoli, 2 cloves garlic, 2 tablespoons powdered ginger root, 2 tablespoons brewer’s yeast, one apple, handful of raisins, 50ml coconut oil, 600 ml (1pint) water. While it is blending I crack 2 jumbo-size eggs into a glass ready to pour into the blender.

When everything is blended to my satisfaction I add the two eggs and blend for another ten seconds, then drink everything from the blender, to save on washing up.

I finish my breakfast with a good handful of dried bananas. Not only are these cheaper than fresh bananas, but recent research indicates that they are more healthy than fresh bananas.

In the middle of the morning I snack on a tablespoon of apricot kernels, because even if they don’t protect me from cancer, I like their flavor.

For lunch I have 200 gm red cabbage and some fruit. In the middle of the afternoon I drink 400 ml of water, and a mug full of cocoa with dried stevia powder as a sweetener. The cocoa makes me feel good and suppresses any pangs of hunger, just as chocolate does, but the stevia is a better sweetener than sugar.

For the evening meal I have a stew made of kangaroo mince, and seaweed, and garlic, and onions, and 1.5 litres of coconut oil. In the evening I munch of almond nuts and three Brazil nuts, and perhaps some raisins.

If your children don’t like natural healthy food organic recipes, get them interested in growing vegetables, and in preparing meals with the fruit and vegetables they have harvested themselves. They will suddenly start enjoying good food.

Social Media Marketing For Health and Fitness Businesses

Are you using social media to help build your fitness business? Blogs, Facebook, Twitter and other social media are growing in usage every day by your customers. As an example of the pervasiveness of social media, it has changed the way people are using the Internet. Last year, Facebook approached Google in terms of unique visitors — this is an astounding sea change in what people are doing on line.

In a word, they are “sharing”. Social media tools such as Blogs, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter have made sharing incredibly easy, and in most cases people are sharing around common interests and passions (like fitness!). Further, people are increasingly sharing around commercial activities and businesses in addition to the social and personal sharing that characterized the early days of social media.

There is one other huge trend which you have probably noticed in your own business: people are increasingly beginning their searches for products and services on line. A key marketing objective for any small business — and a key reason to consider social media marketing, is simply that by doing so, you will come up higher on the results pages of Google and other search engines.

One way to think about social media marketing is as your “next layer” of Internet marketing. First you get a website, then you “optimize” it with words so people can find it, then maybe you buy Google or other “pay per click” services. The next step is to ENGAGE people. To get your customers and prospects to interact with you and with each other! This does several important things:

1) Gets you into a fun and interesting dialog on line with your community
2) Increases your “Google – rank”
3) Increases traffic to your website
4) Increases word-of-mouth and referrals

One of the simplest ways to begin to use these tools is to blog. But be careful, because a blog’s real value is only realized if there is fresh frequent content flowing into it. Many small businesses start blogging only to realize they do not have the time, resources or skills to keep and maintain a consistent publishing schedule. Sometimes blogging can be outsourced. If you consider this option, just be sure you are on the same page with your blogging company in terms of what content is appropriate.

Blog content can be “streamed” to Facebook and Twitter accounts, creating a situation where your primary social media content is centrally archived — but broadly distributed on other networks. Once your blog content begins to build in volume, the result is more articles and information beneath the “eye” of Google. The act of posting new (relevant) content, and the sheer volume of content makes your business more findable on line.

While “Google Rank” is a key benefit of using social networks to market, there is also tremendous value in having your customers interacting with your business, and with eachother around your brand. Time spent commenting on your blog posts, or Facebook wall, is time spent in the presence of your brand, and where there is always a link back to your websites. In an era where so many service searches start online, social media marketing is a powerful and innovative new way to market.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like examples of how health and fitness businesses have used social media to find new customers and grow.

Paediatric Dentists – The Lowdown Of Dental Care For Your Children

So when should you take your children to the dentist first? How do you help them care for their teeth? What should they be doing and what should you be doing?

According to the Dental Association they recommend your child takes their first trip to the dentist by their first birthday.

If you take your child at this young age the dentist will explain how they should be taking care of their teeth and how they should be brushing and flossing. By 2 and half all of their primary teeth should be there and they can then start applying fluoride. This will ward off any diseases or dental cavities.

Not only this but you can start building a relationship between the dentist and your child so that they are happy to come to the dentist from a young age and work together to make sure they have and continue to have great painless teeth for their future.

By engaging them in this process it will minimize any fear they have then, or at a later stage. Don’t forget it can be made fun and interesting for them to take part in their dental care.

The Secrets to Happy Children’s Teeth

You need to get into the habit of brushing their teeth twice a day like you and flossing afterwards. This will help maintain a healthy mouth. When children are 2 or 3 they can begin using toothpaste and cleaning their way to healthy teeth. Make it a habit and fun to do, support them and show them what to do without making it a chore. Sometimes by cleaning your teeth with them makes them want to be like Mummy or Daddy and gives them the incentives they need to clean their teeth too.

As your child grows, plan routine check-ups with your dentist so they can make sure everything is in order and keep any problems at bay. If they are good dentists they will want to work with your family to make sure everything is in order and your child keeps their healthy happy smile.