Good Foods For Diabetes – Choose Right And Keep Safe

People prone to diabetes are advised to keep their body weight under check and maintain a healthy body. This is feasible by keeping check on what they consume daily. The food intake usually has a main role not only in building the body but even in keeping the body fit for healthy living. That is why dietitians always suggest to pay more attention on what foods a diabetic should eat and what foods diabetics should avoid to eat for managing diabetic condition. The food intake is not merely to generate energy to the body but simultaneously to help keep off anything detrimental to health enhancement.

Though a diabetic patient is having the right choice of food intake and feels cool with normal daily activities, he should not be confined with that alone. What is required to confirm his body condition balanced in all aspects is to have regular monitoring of the diabetic sugar levels in the bloodstream. Daily activities including the food consumption should be well planned so that the sugar level does not gear up at any cost. This is the basic thing a diabetic should have concern over.

Good foods for diabetes

The foods that top the list of good foods a diabetic can eat are as follows:

1. Foods low in fat: If you still remain a victim of diabetes, it requires that you have a good knowledge of your daily meals balanced with low fat diabetic diet. Along with periodic checking of sugars in what you consume, it also requires to pay attention on the amount of carbohydrates contained in your choice of low fat diabetic diet. It means that you are maintaining low glycemic index carbohydrates by consuming low fat diabetic diet. This helps you stay healthy along with the intake of less saturated fats, and plenty of fiber. As such, it is advised to eat more of fresh fruits, and green vegetables with no fats but for calcium, and vitamins. Simultaneously, testing your blood sugar levels periodically, and adjusting your diet accordingly to maintain normal sugar levels are absolutely needed.

2. Foods low in sugar: If you are eating foods low in sugar, it means a healthy choice is made to be free from diabetic condition. Any sugar-free food or snack can be helping a diabetic to avoid obesity, the foremost enemy for diabetes. When the natural food choice is sugar-free, some diabetics may have an aversion and choose to consume artificial sweeteners. Though the sweeteners contain no calories, they are sweeter than natural sugar. However, eating flavored snack may lessen the craving for eating foods high in natural sugar. That means you are fairly safe from developing blood sugar in the bloodstream. As such, you are advised to consume fresh fruits low in sugar and whole grains in the form of breads and salads.

3. Foods high in fiber: If the foods are high in fiber, the digestion is slowed down and generation of energy is gradual and acceptable to the body. There is very low chance to store excess sugar in the blood cells when the digestive system is regulated. For this, eating daily one apple and one orange may keep off a diabetic from the risk of increased blood sugar.

Best Anti-Aging Foods For Your Diet – Top 10 Foods For a Younger Skin!

Diets are always believed to be good enough if you wanted to lose weight or to shape up the body. Little are known about the anti-aging effects of some effective diets. Other diets give dieters an old man’s face as well as a stressful look. With this, cheat and hide your diet plan while you try the best anti-aging foods for your diet. Here are the top 10 anti-aging foods proven to give everyone a younger looking skin.

Acai Berry Fruit – The Acai Berry diet emphasizes that the fruit contains anti-aging properties. Aside from that, Acai berry fruit is also rich with vitamin and mineral contents. Many people were also amazed by its colon cleansing effect and other notable benefits.

Avocado – It contains adequate amount of Vit. E, an antioxidant. Avocado fruit is also proven effective to delay menopause and helps an individual maintain a health skin. You could either consume it as shake or syrup. Others even make it as a face mask to give the face a firm and young look.

Green Veggies – It flush out toxins from the body thus healthier cells are greater in number inside the body.

Garlic – Aside from the antihypertensive effect of garlic, it was also proven to delay aging and prevent the body acquiring serious diseases.

Varieties of Nuts – Walnuts and other varieties are rich with minerals and electrolytes needed by the body. However, the calorie content of nuts are higher.

Garlic – It is best recommended for old people since it maintain healthier cells plus it aids in good digestion.

Watermelon – It has a diuretic effect that flushes out toxins from the body.

Soya – It delays menopause among women since it maintains estrogen at a normal level.

Barley – It contains low amount of sugar and it helps improve digestion.

Beans – Lastly, one of the best anti-aging foods for your diet is beans. The powerhouse effects of beans are truly beneficial since it is rich with antioxidant properties.

Food For Diabetics – Top Foods For Diabetic Patients

Foods for diabetics are really not any different from what the standard HEALTHY diet should be. In an ideal world, everyone would be eating a healthy, plant-based diet, and enjoy their good health into the old age.

However, the reality is that what most of us are eating today cannot in any way be described as healthy. And the results are devastating. Obesity, heart disease, cancer, and diabetes – all these disorders are the direct result of our food and life-style choices.

Foods that should be eaten include generous amounts of fresh vegetables eaten mostly raw or lightly cooked, fresh, raw fruits, whole grains, and legumes. Animal protein, such as meats, fish, dairy, eggs – should be consumed in limited amounts only once or two times a week. All animal foods are rich in fat and protein and deficient in fiber and the antioxidant nutrients that protect against heart disease and cancer.

Various studies of populations eating about 30% of calories from fat (this is the current recommendation of both USDA and ADA – American Diabetes Association), demonstrate that such populations have higher incidence of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases than populations that consume less than 15% of calories from fat, in which diabetes and heart disease are virtually nonexistent.

Diet high in fat contributes to diabetes, because fat interferes with absorption of sugar from the bloodstream into cells. Diet high in protein is risky for diabetics because such diet puts too much stress on kidneys, speeding up the progression of kidney failure.

10 Healthiest Foods For Diabetics & 10 Foods to Avoid With Diabetes

This is a frequently asked question by most diabetics. This article will resolve the query of most diabetics who are in search of 10 healthiest foods for diabetics

Food to Avoid With Diabetes

If you are suffering from diabetes it is good to avoid these foods

1) Honey, Sugar and Artificial Sweeteners

I understand that it is not easy to omit sugar from the diet at once. It is good to decrease it gradually. However a diabetic may take sweeteners like Stevia.

2) Chocolates and Sweets

The intake of chocolates and sweets must be stooped at once. If you are celebrating a party, then only eat Continental chocolate that contains at least 70 % cocoa solids. Stay away from chocolates in which sugar is the first listed ingredient.

3) Avoid Fructose And Glucose

Stay away from the foods that have the ingredient that end in “ose” or “ol”. These are different classes of carbohydrates like glucose, fructose, and dextrose.

4) Avoid Bakery Items

Stay away from biscuits, cakes, tarts, pies, pastry, corn, bread, rice and pasta, rye

5) Avoid Carbohydrate Rich Vegetables

Avoid eating vegetables that carries large quantities of carbohydrates and starches like

  • Carrots
  • Potatoes
  • Beans
  • Peas
  • Beet
  • Parsnips

6) Avoid Few Fruits

  • Mango
  • Mellon
  • Chikkos
  • Grapes
  • Sugarcane
  • Jackfruit

7) Milk

It is good to take milk but in small quantity. Stay away from fat cheese and yogurt. Excessive intake of tea and coffee is also bad.

8) Tinned Foods

Commercially packaged foods are not good. Fast food, snack foods are not good for the health of diabetics.

9) Fruit juices

Juices are not good for diabetics. Even the fresh fruit juices are bad as they are the highly concentrated form of carbohydrates. If it is very important to take the juice then it would be better to dilute it with 3 parts of water.

10) Saturated Fats

One must stay away from saturated fats like full dairy products, fatty meat, lard, butter and fatty meat. Substitute these with unsaturated fats like corn oil, canola oil, sunflower oil and olive oil.

10 Healthiest Foods for Diabetics


  • Apples
  • Lime
  • Peach
  • Grapefruit

The diabetic must evenly divide the fruit diet in five equal portions throughout the day. This helps in avoiding the sudden peaks of blood sugar level.

2) High fiber Diet

This includes

  • Cereals
  • Pulses
  • Nuts
  • Seeds

3) Vegetables

This diet not only lowers down the glucose level but also decrease the cholesterol level of blood.

4) Whole Grain

The diabetics must prefer to take whole grain instead of processed foods examples are

  • Brown Rice
  • Whole wheat spaghettis

5) Organ Meat

Always prefer lean meat. However organ meats can be taken once a week to meet the vitamin needs of the body.

6) White Meat

White meat is the best form examples are

  • Chicken
  • Duck
  • Fish

7) Seafood

Seafood and fish are best but it is recommended to steam, boil, grill or bake the seafood instead of frying it.

8) Dairy products

Always prefer

  • Skimmed milk
  • Non fat cheese
  • Low fat yogurt

9) Egg

Better take egg white and leave the yolk as it increases the level of cholesterol.

10) Vegetables

  • Garlic
  • Onion
  • Bitter gourd

These vegetables are famous for decreasing the level of blood sugar.

So if you are suffering from diabetes; immediately do the following three things

1) Gather as much information about diabetes as you can

2) Know the treatment of all Signs Of Diabetes

3) Knowing what to eat and what to avoid is the best way to keep the diabetes under control. I hope that the detailed list of 10 Healthiest Foods for diabetics will enable you to manage the journey towards diabetes monitoring.

Short List of Foods For Diabetics to Eat – Diabetic Food List, Best & Worst Foods

If you are in quest of list of foods for diabetics to eat or any other diabetic food list; then I’m happy that you take care of your health. Researches have revealed that better food management is the only thing that pays to diabetics at the end of the day.

Better food management cannot be obtained without proper information. There are some foods that even make the situation worse; on the contrary there are few foods that help the body to control and then maintain the blood sugar level.

So your worries will be relieved after few minutes; as the following reading would be of great help to you in the selection of best and worst diabetic food items.

Let’s dig in!

First of all we will go through the list of the food that diabetics should avoid

Worst diabetic Food List

All those foods that contain higher amount of sucrose, fructose and glucose are worst diabetic foods

  • Sweets, Chocolate, Cakes, Pastries and Bakery items
  • Corn syrup and the foods that contain corn syrup
  • White bread and white polished rice
  • Sugar and sugar laden drinks
  • Honey
  • Alcohol and caffeine
  • All the foods those are high in fat and sodium content.

It does not mean that diabetics are not allowed even to taste these foods; rather the idea is to stay away from these foods as much as possible. If at some point it is necessary to take any food item from the above mentioned list than other meals should be adjusted accordingly.

List of Foods for Diabetics to Eat

Complex Carbohydrates: As mentioned earlier white bread and white rice are not good for diabetics, however diabetics must incorporate some starches in their diet. The better starch choices are grains, cereals, breads and pasta.

Fruits: As we know fruits are the powerhouse of fiber, minerals and vitamins. Fruits also are a good source of carbohydrates so they must be consumed only in moderate amount. It is important that diabetics must incorporate three servings of different fruits in their diet. Better choices are apples, oranges, berries and grapefruits.

Vegetables: Vegetables are even better than fruits; they are not only full of minerals, vitamins and enzymes but at the same time are lower in their sugar content. Best vegetable choices for diabetics are broccoli, cabbage, spinach, tomatoes and bitter melon.

Dairy and Milk Products: Milk is the best source of many important nutrients that our body requires. These essential nutrients can also be obtained by consuming milk substitutes. The best choices are skimmed milk and low fat yogurt.

Meat: Meat carries many critical element required by the body. However careful selection is required. It should only be consumed in moderation and leanest part of the meat should be chosen. Better meat choices for diabetics are cottage cheese, poultry, tofu, red meat, egg, fish, peanut butter.

If you want to have a free diabetic meal plan specifically designed according to your personal requirement check List Of Foods For Diabetics To Eat. This list will help to design a meal plan that has the ability to control the Signs Of Diabetes in a way that you’ll end saying where is my blood sugar?

Food For Healthy Skin – We Are What We Eat

There have been some interesting clinical studies about food for healthy skin.  Some had to do with acne, but many of them had to do with delaying or reversing the signs of age.  Things change, but one thing remains the same, we are what we eat.

The healthfulness of our bodies, inside and out, is closely related to what we choose to put in our mouths every day.  It turns out that the foods for healthy skin are the ones that healthcare professionals, fitness experts and even body builders have been suggesting for years, because they are full of nutrients; protein, fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.  But, they are relatively low in calories and saturated fat.

Fish, particularly salmon, is rich in protein and omega-3 fatty acids, which are polyunsaturated and good for the heart, the joints, the brain, the immune system and the skin.  Of course, you have to be careful about how often you eat some types of salmon, because of mercury and PCB contamination.  The best choice is Wild Alaskan Salmon.  The water is cleaner and there have been no incidences of mercury contamination.

Fruits and vegetables, green tea and dark chocolate, ginger and other spices contain lots of different antioxidants.  Studies have shown that antioxidants help to prevent something that the scientists call photo-aging.  It’s just a fancy way of saying damage done by the sun.

During exposure to sunlight, the level of free radicals within our skin’s layers rise, depleting our level of naturally occurring antioxidants.  In addition, older people have fewer naturally occurring antioxidants and larger amounts of free radicals.  So, your goal should be to increase your skin’s “antioxidant status”.  You can do that by eating antioxidant-rich food for healthy skin and by applying antioxidants directly.

Several studies have revealed that an antioxidant called coenzyme Q10 is particularly beneficial for repairing damage done by the sun.  In clinical trials, using real-life human volunteers, researchers measured a 29% decrease in lines and wrinkles, a 33% overall reduction of sun damage and a 37% increase in hydration.  The treated skin was less rough and those things were seen after only six weeks of topical application.  If you started eating the best foods for healthy skin, it could take quite a bit longer before you started to see a difference.

I say that because several studies have looked at the benefit of oral supplements, such as fish oil, soy protein and antioxidants.  The supplements were beneficial to the skin’s structure and firmness, at least by a small amount.  For example, volunteers that took a daily fish oil supplement saw a 10% improvement in their skin’s firmness.  But, that was after three months of supplementation.

There’s nothing wrong with being patient, but any natural health expert will tell you that you should treat skin problems from the inside out and form the outside in.  Eating food for healthy skin treats the problem from the inside out.  Nourishing moisturizers treat it from the outside in.  Why not do both?