10 Healthiest Foods For Diabetics & 10 Foods to Avoid With Diabetes

This is a frequently asked question by most diabetics. This article will resolve the query of most diabetics who are in search of 10 healthiest foods for diabetics

Food to Avoid With Diabetes

If you are suffering from diabetes it is good to avoid these foods

1) Honey, Sugar and Artificial Sweeteners

I understand that it is not easy to omit sugar from the diet at once. It is good to decrease it gradually. However a diabetic may take sweeteners like Stevia.

2) Chocolates and Sweets

The intake of chocolates and sweets must be stooped at once. If you are celebrating a party, then only eat Continental chocolate that contains at least 70 % cocoa solids. Stay away from chocolates in which sugar is the first listed ingredient.

3) Avoid Fructose And Glucose

Stay away from the foods that have the ingredient that end in “ose” or “ol”. These are different classes of carbohydrates like glucose, fructose, and dextrose.

4) Avoid Bakery Items

Stay away from biscuits, cakes, tarts, pies, pastry, corn, bread, rice and pasta, rye

5) Avoid Carbohydrate Rich Vegetables

Avoid eating vegetables that carries large quantities of carbohydrates and starches like

  • Carrots
  • Potatoes
  • Beans
  • Peas
  • Beet
  • Parsnips

6) Avoid Few Fruits

  • Mango
  • Mellon
  • Chikkos
  • Grapes
  • Sugarcane
  • Jackfruit

7) Milk

It is good to take milk but in small quantity. Stay away from fat cheese and yogurt. Excessive intake of tea and coffee is also bad.

8) Tinned Foods

Commercially packaged foods are not good. Fast food, snack foods are not good for the health of diabetics.

9) Fruit juices

Juices are not good for diabetics. Even the fresh fruit juices are bad as they are the highly concentrated form of carbohydrates. If it is very important to take the juice then it would be better to dilute it with 3 parts of water.

10) Saturated Fats

One must stay away from saturated fats like full dairy products, fatty meat, lard, butter and fatty meat. Substitute these with unsaturated fats like corn oil, canola oil, sunflower oil and olive oil.

10 Healthiest Foods for Diabetics


  • Apples
  • Lime
  • Peach
  • Grapefruit

The diabetic must evenly divide the fruit diet in five equal portions throughout the day. This helps in avoiding the sudden peaks of blood sugar level.

2) High fiber Diet

This includes

  • Cereals
  • Pulses
  • Nuts
  • Seeds

3) Vegetables

This diet not only lowers down the glucose level but also decrease the cholesterol level of blood.

4) Whole Grain

The diabetics must prefer to take whole grain instead of processed foods examples are

  • Brown Rice
  • Whole wheat spaghettis

5) Organ Meat

Always prefer lean meat. However organ meats can be taken once a week to meet the vitamin needs of the body.

6) White Meat

White meat is the best form examples are

  • Chicken
  • Duck
  • Fish

7) Seafood

Seafood and fish are best but it is recommended to steam, boil, grill or bake the seafood instead of frying it.

8) Dairy products

Always prefer

  • Skimmed milk
  • Non fat cheese
  • Low fat yogurt

9) Egg

Better take egg white and leave the yolk as it increases the level of cholesterol.

10) Vegetables

  • Garlic
  • Onion
  • Bitter gourd

These vegetables are famous for decreasing the level of blood sugar.

So if you are suffering from diabetes; immediately do the following three things

1) Gather as much information about diabetes as you can

2) Know the treatment of all Signs Of Diabetes

3) Knowing what to eat and what to avoid is the best way to keep the diabetes under control. I hope that the detailed list of 10 Healthiest Foods for diabetics will enable you to manage the journey towards diabetes monitoring.

Fast Weight Loss Tips That Will Give Great Results

Do you have an interest in losing weight? In a hurry to slim down? While it is not always the best option to rely on quick weight loss there are many people who need, or rather want, fast results.

The most obvious way to achieve fast weight loss is by cutting back on the foods that you eat. When you reduce your food consumption, it is wise to reduce it gradually rather than starving yourself right from the start, stopping eating if only for two or three days is not something you want to do. You may well lose weight quite quickly but when you resume eating once again any weight you may have lost will be gained back immediately plus you may actually gain extra!

It is far better to look at what you eat and cut back on foods you know to be ether high in fat or sugars as these are the main problem areas for people with weight issues. If you wish to lose weight quickly you will need to eliminate junk food completely from your diet if only for a short period of time.

Junk food isn’t just a word used to define food you purchase from fast food joints or anything cooked in fat or oil , it is the term used to describe any food that contains more calories than the body uses to digest it. In other words if you eat something and it contains 300 calories and the body burns just 100 calories whilst digesting it, it would mean that there are 200 empty calories remaining. These calories if left unused will be turned into fat deposits, therefore any food that leaves an unused quantity of calories after digestion is classified as a junk food.

Exercise is another great way that you can achieve significant weight loss results. The trouble with using solely exercise to try and achieve fast weight loss is that it doesn’t always provide immediate results, as it typically takes at least a week or two before any noticeable weight loss is seen. The results of exercise will be greater, and quicker the more overweight you are and it would also be advisable to combine exercise with a good weight loss program. When you exercise you will obviously burn off calories therefore your body will have fewer calories that turn to fat. This is what makes it possible for you to lose weight through exercise but, by reducing the number of calories you would normally eat daily by using a weight loss plan, a quick and efficient drop in weight can be easily achieved.

Another way of fast weight loss, and just a little controversial, is the use of a cleanse. These cleanses are often referred to as colon cleanses or weight loss cleanses. The cleanse method is basically a body flush that removes toxins and stored waste from your digestive tracts, and it has been claimed to remove anything up to 7 or 8 pounds of stored waste. Now the point you should remember is that the colon cleanse isn’t working on removing excess fat, it removes stored waste, that will contain fatty substances for sure, and toxins.

Many of these colon cleanse treatments are accompanied by special dietary requirements that must be followed to the letter to reap the greatest results. For the quickest weight loss, rather than the tablet treatments you may want to look at liquid cleanses, as the results are often faster.

The weight loss tips above may help you to achieve faster weight loss than traditional methods, even if it is only a small loss.

Chocolate Facts – The Truth About Chocolate and Your Health

Lately, tons of news about benefits of chocolate and cocoa products for health, supported by scientific researches, have been published on various media, to delude the consumers and make them purchase more chocolate products. But is chocolate really so beneficial for our health?

These myths try to convince us that eating chocolate:

  • Reduces the risk of heart diseases and cancer;
  • Does not cause weight gain;
  • Prolongs your life;
  • Reduces stress;
  • Has pain relieving and other positive effects to your health.

But all those “facts” are actually proven by studies supported by chocolate interest groups – manufacturers and retailers with one agenda in mind: increasing their sales.

Researches made by independent organizations, though, give quite different results. They proven that isolated compounds found in cocoa, indeed, have some beneficial effect to human health: it could stabilize blood pressure, increase glucose metabolism. But people can enjoy those effects only if they consume pure unprocessed cocoa. Manufactured chocolate, however, contains only about 20% of actual cocoa, plus other, less healthy ingredients, like sugar, milk fats, oils, which reduce all benefits found in pure cocoa, to zero.

The good news is, premium grade dark chocolate has less negative effects to your health, but also can hardly be called beneficial. It contains less sugar, less fats and oils other than those naturally found in cocoa beans, they don’t increase the risk of heart diseases, but still become a rich source of calories. While lower grade cocoa products and milk chocolate do create danger of cardiovascular disease and other health problems.

As chocolate is a rich source of calories, sugar and fats, it is no less harmful and fattening than other junk food. For the same reason, it causes and contributes to all the conditions and diseases caused by consumption of processed sugar: heart diseases, diabetes, inflammations, yeast infections, osteoporosis, obesity and others.

Another proven negative effect of chocolate is that it really causes addiction, as well as other sweet and fat products and junk foods. Researches show that cocoa contains substances that are related to cannabis (marijuana) with stimulant, anti-depressant and opiate-like effect. When brain’s opiate receptors blocked, cravings for chocolate, sweets and fats disappears, which confirms this theory.

While no one wants to make you quit eating your favorite dessert, keep in mind that the rumors about benefits of chocolate are just too exaggerated. You can safely eat anything you like in moderation, but using chocolate as an anti-depressant or pain-killer is not the best idea.

Short List of Foods For Diabetics to Eat – Diabetic Food List, Best & Worst Foods

If you are in quest of list of foods for diabetics to eat or any other diabetic food list; then I’m happy that you take care of your health. Researches have revealed that better food management is the only thing that pays to diabetics at the end of the day.

Better food management cannot be obtained without proper information. There are some foods that even make the situation worse; on the contrary there are few foods that help the body to control and then maintain the blood sugar level.

So your worries will be relieved after few minutes; as the following reading would be of great help to you in the selection of best and worst diabetic food items.

Let’s dig in!

First of all we will go through the list of the food that diabetics should avoid

Worst diabetic Food List

All those foods that contain higher amount of sucrose, fructose and glucose are worst diabetic foods

  • Sweets, Chocolate, Cakes, Pastries and Bakery items
  • Corn syrup and the foods that contain corn syrup
  • White bread and white polished rice
  • Sugar and sugar laden drinks
  • Honey
  • Alcohol and caffeine
  • All the foods those are high in fat and sodium content.

It does not mean that diabetics are not allowed even to taste these foods; rather the idea is to stay away from these foods as much as possible. If at some point it is necessary to take any food item from the above mentioned list than other meals should be adjusted accordingly.

List of Foods for Diabetics to Eat

Complex Carbohydrates: As mentioned earlier white bread and white rice are not good for diabetics, however diabetics must incorporate some starches in their diet. The better starch choices are grains, cereals, breads and pasta.

Fruits: As we know fruits are the powerhouse of fiber, minerals and vitamins. Fruits also are a good source of carbohydrates so they must be consumed only in moderate amount. It is important that diabetics must incorporate three servings of different fruits in their diet. Better choices are apples, oranges, berries and grapefruits.

Vegetables: Vegetables are even better than fruits; they are not only full of minerals, vitamins and enzymes but at the same time are lower in their sugar content. Best vegetable choices for diabetics are broccoli, cabbage, spinach, tomatoes and bitter melon.

Dairy and Milk Products: Milk is the best source of many important nutrients that our body requires. These essential nutrients can also be obtained by consuming milk substitutes. The best choices are skimmed milk and low fat yogurt.

Meat: Meat carries many critical element required by the body. However careful selection is required. It should only be consumed in moderation and leanest part of the meat should be chosen. Better meat choices for diabetics are cottage cheese, poultry, tofu, red meat, egg, fish, peanut butter.

If you want to have a free diabetic meal plan specifically designed according to your personal requirement check List Of Foods For Diabetics To Eat. This list will help to design a meal plan that has the ability to control the Signs Of Diabetes in a way that you’ll end saying where is my blood sugar?

Weight Loss Plans – Lose 20lb This Month With a Simple Weight Loss Plan

Committing to a serious undertaking such as losing weight requires a lot of self discipline as well as careful preparation. One cannot just decide to lose weight and jump right on it. This is where making weight loss plans comes in. Having a certain level of structure and system in the process of losing weight will provide more room for monitoring your progress and it will allow you to adjust accordingly. Among the most important things to have in your weight loss plans are the following:

A goal chart.

Your weight loss plans should always be result oriented. You should visualize want you want to achieve on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. This chart should contain time frames as well as your targeted amount of weight lost by the time. Being goal oriented also entails having achievable targets. You should be as pragmatic and as realistic as possible. Setting impossible goals will only cause you to feel disappointed and in the end, inadequate.

A weight loss journal

Recording your numbers is not the only way to monitor your progress. It is also good to chronicle the whole experience by scribbling notes and ideas on a journal to make room for self introspection. You should be able to tell yourself exactly how you are feeling while being under the process of losing weight. The whole ordeal should not only make you fitter or healthier, it should also make you more insightful on how weight loss affected your life and how you will proceed from there to more productive and healthy endeavours.

Research materials

Your weight loss plans should be backed up with facts as well as a vast array of options. The process of losing weight should not be something to be entered into lightly. You should do thorough research regarding all weight loss methods and techniques as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each of them. Take time to gauge which would work best for you considering all your concerns. Utilize the information you can find on books, health magazines and gazettes, even academic papers regarding weight loss and fitness. Stay away from too much advertisements for weight loss techniques and stay objective at all times. If at all possible, consult a health care professional who is an expert in weight loss and other concerns related to the same. You can never be too complacent with the information that you gain. It is always best to verify information with the experts.

A chosen weight loss method

After all the research you do, you can finally pick out the best weight loss method for you. It should fit your exact needs and should be within your capabilities. Never choose a method that you are not sure you will be comfortable with no matter how effective it is said to be. Different strokes for different folks. What is good for the next guy might not be good for you. Chose the weight loss method that will not only make you tip the scales lighter but also make you feel good about yourself.

Five Penis Health Rules for a Better Appearance and Improved Sensation

As most men will agree, their penis is one of their most important assets, and caring for this essential equipment is a top priority. The bad news is that, aside from the need to wear a raincoat for each and every one of those steamy encounters, most men aren’t fully aware of all the important steps required to maintain optimum penis health and performance, but these guidelines for penis care can help.

1) Choose a healthy diet. Yes, may be boring to listen to yet another sermon about the need to follow a healthy, nutritious diet, but in truth, we really are what we eat, and what a man puts into his body has a huge effect on his energy levels, his overall health, and his mental and emotional state – and of course, on his ability to perform. A diet that is high in unhealthy fats, salt, and processed/fast foods just does not provide the nutrients that are needed for the body to function at its prime, and it can leave a man feeling bloated, fatigued and generally un-ready for any potential bedroom action. Over the long term, the cardiovascular effects of a poor diet can damage his ability to perform at all.

It is not necessary (and in fact it may be harmful) to follow the latest fad diet craze, but following the FDA guidelines for nutrition is always a good place to start. Men should work with their doctors to determine their daily calorie requirements and then focus on fresh, whole, unprocessed foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean protein, dairy products and heart-healthy fats.

2) Quit smoking. Few lifestyle choices are as damaging to the human body as use of tobacco products, especially those that are smoked. Smoking damages the heart, lungs, circulatory tissue, and nerves. It reduces a man’s energy levels and stamina, it gives him bad breath, and it can even shrink the penis. Quitting can improve essentially every aspect of a man’s life, including his sex life, so there really is no down side here.

3) Use a sunscreen. Yes, a sunscreen, even down there. The UV rays from the sun don’t just age the face and other exposed areas of the body. Clothing provides something of a cover, but it does not block all of the damaging rays from the sun. Applying a sunscreen to the area when spending any length of time outdoors, especially at the beach or another open area, is a good idea; it can reduce the risk of skin cancer later on, and it can also diminish the aging effects that can cause wrinkled, dry-looking skin.

4) Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. All of the cells of the body need enough water to carry out their specialized functions, including those of the penis. In addition, consuming enough water can prevent the skin from appearing dry, brittle or saggy. Make sure to drink at least the full 8 glasses of day that are recommended.

5) Use a penis health cream. The average male may be puzzled by the amount of money that a woman is willing to shell out on skin care products. On the other hand, if he takes the time to think about how much he enjoys her soft, radiant skin, it might become clear that she’s actually onto something here. The good news for men is that these products aren’t all made for women, and they are not all intended for use on the face, neck, and hands.

In fact, regular use of a top-drawer penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can visibly improve the tone and texture of the penile skin; and this softer skin is often more responsive to sensual stimulation. Adding a cream like this to his daily personal care routine is an excellent way to support healthier, more youthful penile skin.

Food For Healthy Skin – We Are What We Eat

There have been some interesting clinical studies about food for healthy skin.  Some had to do with acne, but many of them had to do with delaying or reversing the signs of age.  Things change, but one thing remains the same, we are what we eat.

The healthfulness of our bodies, inside and out, is closely related to what we choose to put in our mouths every day.  It turns out that the foods for healthy skin are the ones that healthcare professionals, fitness experts and even body builders have been suggesting for years, because they are full of nutrients; protein, fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.  But, they are relatively low in calories and saturated fat.

Fish, particularly salmon, is rich in protein and omega-3 fatty acids, which are polyunsaturated and good for the heart, the joints, the brain, the immune system and the skin.  Of course, you have to be careful about how often you eat some types of salmon, because of mercury and PCB contamination.  The best choice is Wild Alaskan Salmon.  The water is cleaner and there have been no incidences of mercury contamination.

Fruits and vegetables, green tea and dark chocolate, ginger and other spices contain lots of different antioxidants.  Studies have shown that antioxidants help to prevent something that the scientists call photo-aging.  It’s just a fancy way of saying damage done by the sun.

During exposure to sunlight, the level of free radicals within our skin’s layers rise, depleting our level of naturally occurring antioxidants.  In addition, older people have fewer naturally occurring antioxidants and larger amounts of free radicals.  So, your goal should be to increase your skin’s “antioxidant status”.  You can do that by eating antioxidant-rich food for healthy skin and by applying antioxidants directly.

Several studies have revealed that an antioxidant called coenzyme Q10 is particularly beneficial for repairing damage done by the sun.  In clinical trials, using real-life human volunteers, researchers measured a 29% decrease in lines and wrinkles, a 33% overall reduction of sun damage and a 37% increase in hydration.  The treated skin was less rough and those things were seen after only six weeks of topical application.  If you started eating the best foods for healthy skin, it could take quite a bit longer before you started to see a difference.

I say that because several studies have looked at the benefit of oral supplements, such as fish oil, soy protein and antioxidants.  The supplements were beneficial to the skin’s structure and firmness, at least by a small amount.  For example, volunteers that took a daily fish oil supplement saw a 10% improvement in their skin’s firmness.  But, that was after three months of supplementation.

There’s nothing wrong with being patient, but any natural health expert will tell you that you should treat skin problems from the inside out and form the outside in.  Eating food for healthy skin treats the problem from the inside out.  Nourishing moisturizers treat it from the outside in.  Why not do both?

Natural Weight Loss – 4 Diet Myths Revealed

When summer or that class reunion comes around, everyone wants to lose those extra pounds in order to look good in that strappy outfit or bikini. Unfortunately, natural weight loss is not an easy task. There are so many myths around losing weight that lead to diet fads that don’t actually help you lose weight at all.

Let’s take a look at four very popular diet fads and myths that really don’t help in the cause of natural weight loss and which can actually make you gain weight. Let’s also take a look at what really works in the weight loss process.

Weight Loss Myth #1: In order to lose the weight, you have to seriously cut out all calories in your diet plan. The real truth is that this just leaves you with terrible cravings and lowers your metabolic rate so that it is actually hard to lose the weight. You can’t maintain a diet like this and will end up cheating on the diet, resulting in gains in weight that make up for whatever you lost.

Weight Loss Myth #2: You will be able to raise your metabolism if you choose to eat several small meals in a given day. It will raise your metabolism and you will lose weight faster. The truth is that natural weight loss comes from lowering somewhat the caloric content of every day but if you eat 2500 calories in a single meal in one day or spread it out throughout the day, you are still eating too many calories and you will not lose weight. The way you really burn fat is through changing your body composition. If you have a body that has a lot of lean muscle, you will sustain natural weight loss faster than if you have a lot of fat on your body. In other words, you need to work out every day in order to raise your metabolism and change the composition of your body to include excess muscle mass, which burns fat faster.

Weight Loss Myth #3: Fat is bad for you so that you should stick to a fat-free diet. This is a gross overstatement. While fat free foods are still popular at the grocery store, you need to realize that there is such a thing as good fat and your body cannot survive without healthy fat. You need to have a diet high in naturally fat free foods like fruits or vegetables but also consider including in your diet a balance of the fats found in fish and nuts. Avoid trans fats, which are solid at room temperature and make your food-eating focus more on eating healthy rather than on cutting out fat.

Weight Loss Myth #4: Milk and dairy products help a person lose weight. This is a marketing ploy set up by the dairy industry and is completely untrue. Milk has many impurities and is full of unhealthy fats. The calcium in the dairy products might help with natural weight loss, it can also be found in soy milk or in leafy green vegetables.

In order to get a handle on healthy ways to lose weight and get started with your own Natural Weight Loss Program, download your very own free copy of “An Experts Guide to Weight Loss – 7 Red Hot Secrets to Turbo Charge Your Metabolism and Boost Your Weight Loss” by clicking the link below.

Get access to Dr. Berkowitz’s FREE “Experts Guide to Weight Loss – 7 Red Hot Secrets To TurboCharge Your Metabolism And Boost Your Weight Loss”. Learn the 7 secrets to boost your weight loss.

Proven Healthy Foods That You Can Add To Your Weight Loss Diet

If you want to shed excess body fat you have to remove some food items from your diet and you have to replace those foods with more healthy food choices.

In this article we shall be looking at the following different healthy foods that you can add to your weight loss diet plans to help you lose weight and at the same time stay healthy:


This fish is a good source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids which are very good for the body. Salmon also contains lots of vitamin B6 and vitamin B12. It is recommended that you eat more of wild salmon as it contains more nutrients.


This berry is rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants which help to fight heart diseases and cancer.


Kale is a green leafy vegetable that has anti-cancer and detoxifying properties. It is also a rich source of vitamin A and beta carotene which help to improve vision and prevent certain serious eye diseases like glaucoma. This vegetable also supplies the body with lots of vitamin C.


This fruit is rich in fibre and due to the fact that it derives its rich taste from its fructose content which is broken down into sugar at a slow rate by the body, it does not lead to sudden spikes in blood sugar.

This fruit helps to keep blood sugar levels within normal limits and it also helps to control your appetite. Eat at least one apple with its peel a day to stay fit, lean and healthy.


This natural fruit is rich in monosaturated fats which help to lower cholesterol levels and prevent heart diseases. If you eat this fruit with your major meals it will decrease your post meal sugar levels.

-Organic beef

Beef from cows that were fed on grass only is a very healthy food choice. This type of beef is usually lean and it is very rich in omega-3 essential fatty acids and beta carotene.


The chemical substance that gives beet its red colour has strong anti-cancer properties. Beet also helps to lower blood cholesterol levels and protect the heart against heart diseases. This natural food also contains lots of anti oxidants.


This fruit is particularly rich in potassium and folate. It increases the level of good cholesterol in the blood and it also aids the absorption of fat soluble vitamins from vegetables.


This pungent smelling food helps to lower blood pressure and it is rich in vitamin B6, selenium, and manganese. However, it is preferable that you use fresh garlic instead of using garlic powder or pre chopped garlic sold in jars.


These cheap food items are one of the richest natural sources of carotenoids and they have some anti-cancer properties. You can either eat carrots raw or you can eat cooked carrots.

Vacation Retreats to Improve Your Health and Fitness

Are you looking for a fresh vacation idea that has more substance than just sightseeing and going to popular attractions? Health and fitness oriented vacation retreats can improve your health, and are fun too. Consider a spa, yoga, weight loss or one of many variations of health improvement retreats for your next vacation.

Of all the types of health related retreats, yoga is one of the most popular. And when you look at retreats where yoga is a primary focus, you will find countless flavors for all levels. Some offer a daily yoga class along with other natural activities and exercise, including walks and hikes, boats rides, whale watching, and local tours. All activities are optional and the retreat is open to everyone. Others retreats are more structured with maybe a two hour yoga class in the morning, another in the late afternoon, and meditation in the evening. They may even include periods of the day where silence is required. And, accommodations could actually be in eco-friendly cottages that promote peace and tranquility.

Then there are retreats that combine yoga with spa treatments, including massage, a mud bath, sauna and hot tubs. But even retreats that are considered more as a spa or health retreat, also generally have some aspect of yoga. Spa retreats may also focus more on other forms of exercise, such as Pilates and stretching, and include more about nutrition and natural foods. They may also include nature walks and hikes, and perhaps journaling.

Health and healing retreats can even go further with a goal of putting balance back in both your physical and mental well-being as well. This may include things like natural herb cleansing drinks, body pH balancing, mineral baths, nutrition classes, and therapy to address emotional issues. The idea is to rid both your mind and body of impurities.

Then there are the more serious health related retreats. The goal of these retreats is to help you remove your dependency on alcohol, cigarettes or drugs through a variety of holistic detox techniques. Again, these retreats often use yoga, and promote healthy practices for daily living involving nutrition and mediation. These retreats look at emotional issues as well. The difference with these retreats is that they are intended to address a defined problem, rather then supporting a general enhancement of your well being.

Unlike most of the other kinds of health related retreats, weight loss retreats often involve hard work and a good degree of physical activity. Combined with nutritional programs, weight loss retreats aim at changing poor eating habits along with developing more active lifestyles. By preparing meals and controlling what you eat, these retreats can be an important start to lifelong changes. Diabetes management and cardiac rehabilitation can also be an integral part of some weight loss retreats.

But even with the hard work, they are fun, and quite rewarding. Outdoor activities, such as hiking, swimming and biking are often combined with instructional sessions. Relaxation and spa activities can be part of the plan. Some mix group activities, along with personal training. Various types of exercise are often used, including yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi and stretching. And naturally, they tailor the exercises to your specific condition, and understand where you are coming from.

Some weight loss retreats also include follow-up services to help keep you on track when you are back in your normal routine. As you would expect, this is actually quite important. A diet of healthy eating and the moderation you initiate at the retreat needs to become part of your life. Maintaining a higher activity level and good eating habits back in your normal routine is a lot easier with some form of follow-up coaching.

As with all types of retreats, there are many flavors of weight loss retreats. Some differentiate themselves from “fat farms” as they also address body cleansing, and body and mind connections. Some integrate more spa activities while others consider themselves as more of a “boot camp”. Others focus more on non-class activities, such as walking, hiking, and multiple ways of just being more active. You just need to find the one that fits your needs and personality.

So go ahead, take the challenge, improve your health, and enjoy a new experience for your next vacation. You just might come home more fulfilled than from any other vacation you’ve been on!