Hypertension – Telling My Spouse The Bad News And The Good News

I left my doctors office two hours after arriving. I decided I would drive to my wife’s work and tell her in person the bad news and the good news about my health. Rather than just sitting around and talking we went for a walk and talk.

Honey I have some good news and some bad news, Let me give you the short version during our walk starting with the bad news;

I have high blood pressure that is off the charts.

My food consumption can not have more than 1500 mg a day of sodium.

Dining out at restaurants is history for me.

Dried spices have sodium so I can’t use them anymore.

I will probably have to take medication for the rest of my life.

This information explains a lot of things that were happening to me such as why am I getting headaches when I ate certain foods. When I looked back, my blood pressure had probably been high for some time and high sodium foods like wings, burgers with fries and meat lover pizza probably pushed my blood pressure to numbers so high I would dare not imagine.

As a proud man, I have never wanted to be told how I must live my life. Success or failure is something I want to be able to control. Now I must take medication everyday if I want to live. The internal argument was a short one. It was almost a monologue, take the pills and live.

Now for the good news.

I found out I have high blood pressure before anything really bad happened to me. This will be confirmed by a cardiologist over the next few days.

We can push away the silent killer many decades if we do this right.

There are many restaurants that serve crappy food now I have a reason not to eat at any of them.

I can continue running and working out.

When I was eight years old my mom went away on a girls weekend and my dad had to do all the cooking. It was the worst week of my life as it pertains to food. I begged my mom to teach me how to cook food. My favorite class during high school was home economics as all we did was learn about food and cooking. During my college days and working days, food was always on my mind and we ate some amazing meals. This was all preparation for this chapter of my life.

Cooking food without using dried spices will be a significant challenge. Food will have to be flavored with vegetables, fruits and meats. This will be an awesome way to change the way I eat and taste food.

Follow my life as I deal with being recently diagnosed (April 12 2011) with high blood pressure (224/109). I need to lose 100 pounds while changing my food habits to reduce my sodium intake to under 1500 mg and eat foods without preservatives.

Maintaining Human Health Through Exercise

Exercise is one thing that majority of us lack today, or is it simply ignore? Maybe the latter as today, everything is made with one goal in mind, making work easy. The only option we have to exercise is by going to the gym, which is by itself monotonous, boring and difficult to keep a steady program. Note; on the other hand, exercise remains to be a major part of human health. Without good and sufficient exercise, you risk some health condition like obesity, blood pressure etc. so, are you exercising or blaming your work for not. The excuse most of us make for not exercising is being busy.

Human Healthy Exercise Tips in Your Work Place and Home

While is important to exercise, it is equally important that you work. Unfortunately, most of our employers today will want you in the office almost each minute. The only day you might be free is on Sunday, when you wash your cloth. It means you work from Monday eight in the morning to Saturday midday, right?
The good news is; you can still exercise even with such a tight schedule. Here are tips on` how to.

First, how can you exercise with relation to your work? You can exercise when going to work, when in your office and when going back home from the office. First, if your office is near you residence, we suggest you walk to work. Walking is one of the best form of exercise of maintain good human health. This might affect your social status but hey, as long as you know what you gaining from it, who cares? You can walk to and fro work on daily basis. Within a week, you will realize that you have shade quite some fat, if it is obesity you fighting.

Second, if you office is far, you can still drive but park your car at the furthest corner of the parking lot. Why? You will have a considerable distance to work to your office. That little distance, many may disregard as none consequential might be what is needed to make the difference.

Third, if your office is located in a stored building, then it is good news. Assuming it is on the third to seventh floor, you don’t have to take the lift. Take the stairs and you will be exercising, shading excess fat and observing appropriate human health behavior. When you take the stair in the morning, when going and coming from lunch and then again in the evening after work, you will have done quite something. Assume your office is on the fifth floor, which might be about 150 meters, by making four trips per day; you have walked 600 meters per day.

If you are seeking to maintain good human health through exercise, there are several tips and strategy to can adopt at your work place or at home. The most important is, cut on the use of machines.

Disease Prevention Through Simple Health Awareness is Essential

For years now, we have heard a lot about controlling disease through diet, exercise and food supplements, but not much is being said as far as disease prevention. What I’m saying here is that the best offense is a good defense. By understanding our own physiologies better, we can take great strides in simply not incurring serious illness in the first place. Our bodies were designed to function perfectly within a certain set of lifestyle and nutritional guidelines.

We are all are born with both inherent strengths and weaknesses as part of our genetic inheritance. All of the tissues in our bodies, whether of bone, muscle, gland or organ, have a unique balance of chemical elements that are designed to work in harmony with one another. It is now believed, that all chronic diseases are accompanied by nutritional deficiencies and a lack of key vitamins and trace minerals. Nobel Laureate Linus Pauling asserted that all diseases can be attributed to a lack of or missing constituent vitamin or mineral imbalance in the essential chemical elements that make up the body. That sounds simple enough, but I’m certain we don’t have all of the answers.

Is an inadequate diet simply a case of not eating enough food, or not eating enough of the right kinds of foods? It is now felt that it is the consumption of a majority of inappropriate foods that lead to nutritional deficiencies in the body. By arming ourselves with the knowledge that our farm soils have been virtually depleted of natural nutrients with well over a century of mass agriculture, we can determine that organically grown produce, by it’s very nature, can give us wholesome foods replete with the nutrients that nature intended. Plus, organic farming assures that the soil is nutritionally replenished, ensuring future healthy yields free of growth chemicals, hormones and a myriad of noxious poisonous chemicals, all of which our bodies are unequipped to handle.

Excessive mental work, for example, can deplete the brain, nerves and glands.There are also many other ways in which the body exhausts its valuable supply of chemical elements. Stress can severely weaken our immune system. Toxins can to build up in our bodies, leading to chemical depletion which in turn leads to cellular starvation. We can simply neglect our bodies by eating junk food or too much processed and fatty foods, which in this day and age is so easy to do. Any abuse or overwork to our bodies, in addition to any inherent weakness we may have, can leave us with nutritional deficiencies. By not getting enough exercise, fresh air and quality stress free time, we greatly compromise our immune systems. The good news here is that by being aware of our limits, we can start to live life as we were meant to, with no positive limits.

Symptoms of ill health are the consequence of nutritional deficiencies and chemical imbalances in the body. Many times symptoms are taken for granted as a natural sign of aging. When left unchecked, however, these same deficiencies can contribute to chronic disease such as arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, diabetes and arthritis. Finally, after many years of limping through life, we die. By making very simple, common sense lifestyle changes, our bodies can, and will, heal themselves.

The appearance of symptoms marks the clinical stage of a disease. Chronic fatigue is often a sign that something is wrong inside. It has been found that with nutritional supplementation and dietary improvements, you can work toward the remission of symptoms and the reversal of the disease process.

Scientists now recognize that even mild nutritional deficiencies and biochemical imbalances can create subtle symptoms of disease. Although there is a point of no return in tissue damage caused by severe long-term deficiencies, it is surprising to see how well the body responds to nutritional correction. As the chemical signs of deficiency are eased, it has been found that many symptoms being experienced are reduced or even eliminated.

Prevention of chemical depletion is the key to optimal health. Take cancer for instance. People don’t die from cancer, per se, they die from the ravages to the immune system, which in turn leads to infections resulting from the severe depletion of vital nutrients. Ironically, the accepted cures for cancer in American medicine are often the biggest culprits, destroying not only cancerous cells, but surrounding healthy cells as well. I went through cancer therapy so I am not speculating here. What I do know is that Natural Health Practitioners think in terms of treating the patient, not just the disease or the symptoms. They consider each patient as an individual with individual needs. Their goal is to see their patients return to normal health, but normal for one patient may not be the same as normal for another.

One way to evaluate your nutritional needs is to obtain a Biochemical Health Assessment. Standard blood tests only identify clinical signs of dysfunction. They tell you when something is broken. A Biochemical Health Assessment, on the other hand, evaluates your body’s biochemistry based on a state of optimal physical health and well being. It identifies when there are imbalances in your body’s biochemistry and chemical make-up.

A complete Biochemical Health Assessment, should evaluate your Cholesterol Levels, including your Coronary Heart Risk Ratio, your Liver Function, Kidney Function and Thyroid Function. It should also assess your Blood Sugar Levels, Blood Electrolytes as well as check for signs of Anemia and Infection.

Think about it. If you start feeding your body the nutrition it needs, disease can be eliminated before any symptoms begin. If you’re unsure that your diet or lifestyle is not what it should be, then you’re right. Look for a quality liquid vitamin and mineral supplement and follow a few common sense guidelines, keeping on top of the latest nutritional news that’s readily available.

Health Insurance Quotes Without Giving Your Phone Number

Getting health insurance quotes without giving your phone number is easy and something you should do right now. Whenever you are online do you stop when asked for your phone number and best time to call? I do…I can’t stand to be interrupted at home…especially by a salesperson.

Asking for your phone number is an intrusion most people avoid. The bad news is they are unaware of market conditions in personal health insurance. Health insurance is an expensive, necessary evil but it should be something you should never overpay for. Asking for a phone number is a turnoff. But there is good news…

You can get up to a hundred health insurance quotes without giving your phone number. You are asked for the following and the following only, for each person you are trying to insure:

· Zip code
· Gender
· Date of Birth
· Smoker or not
· Student or not

That is it…no phone number…no medical questions.

My wife and I have used this free, no obligation service for 8 years. I hate to spend a penny on insurance of any kind. But I have the assurance that I am paying the very least amount for my policy.

I filled this out just the other day…it took less than a minute…I received 112 different policy quotes to choose from…the quotes had the monthly premium, company name, deductibles, co pays, and a real plus…I could find out if my current doctor accepted this policy.

You should know what kind of policy you are looking for. Since we are healthy, exercise and eat right, we look for high deductible catastrophic coverage. These have the very lowest premiums.

But the prices vary greatly…I identified a savings of $684 per year over what I am paying now. So you should use this free service every several months. It is easy fast…and no one will call.

Once you narrow down the policy that meets your needs you then fill out one application and one application only. Isn’t this better and far faster than talking to several dozen salesmen or saleswomen. That is what you would have to do to get the same amount of information with every other service on the web.

Chocolate Facts – The Truth About Chocolate and Your Health

Lately, tons of news about benefits of chocolate and cocoa products for health, supported by scientific researches, have been published on various media, to delude the consumers and make them purchase more chocolate products. But is chocolate really so beneficial for our health?

These myths try to convince us that eating chocolate:

  • Reduces the risk of heart diseases and cancer;
  • Does not cause weight gain;
  • Prolongs your life;
  • Reduces stress;
  • Has pain relieving and other positive effects to your health.

But all those “facts” are actually proven by studies supported by chocolate interest groups – manufacturers and retailers with one agenda in mind: increasing their sales.

Researches made by independent organizations, though, give quite different results. They proven that isolated compounds found in cocoa, indeed, have some beneficial effect to human health: it could stabilize blood pressure, increase glucose metabolism. But people can enjoy those effects only if they consume pure unprocessed cocoa. Manufactured chocolate, however, contains only about 20% of actual cocoa, plus other, less healthy ingredients, like sugar, milk fats, oils, which reduce all benefits found in pure cocoa, to zero.

The good news is, premium grade dark chocolate has less negative effects to your health, but also can hardly be called beneficial. It contains less sugar, less fats and oils other than those naturally found in cocoa beans, they don’t increase the risk of heart diseases, but still become a rich source of calories. While lower grade cocoa products and milk chocolate do create danger of cardiovascular disease and other health problems.

As chocolate is a rich source of calories, sugar and fats, it is no less harmful and fattening than other junk food. For the same reason, it causes and contributes to all the conditions and diseases caused by consumption of processed sugar: heart diseases, diabetes, inflammations, yeast infections, osteoporosis, obesity and others.

Another proven negative effect of chocolate is that it really causes addiction, as well as other sweet and fat products and junk foods. Researches show that cocoa contains substances that are related to cannabis (marijuana) with stimulant, anti-depressant and opiate-like effect. When brain’s opiate receptors blocked, cravings for chocolate, sweets and fats disappears, which confirms this theory.

While no one wants to make you quit eating your favorite dessert, keep in mind that the rumors about benefits of chocolate are just too exaggerated. You can safely eat anything you like in moderation, but using chocolate as an anti-depressant or pain-killer is not the best idea.

Five Penis Health Rules for a Better Appearance and Improved Sensation

As most men will agree, their penis is one of their most important assets, and caring for this essential equipment is a top priority. The bad news is that, aside from the need to wear a raincoat for each and every one of those steamy encounters, most men aren’t fully aware of all the important steps required to maintain optimum penis health and performance, but these guidelines for penis care can help.

1) Choose a healthy diet. Yes, may be boring to listen to yet another sermon about the need to follow a healthy, nutritious diet, but in truth, we really are what we eat, and what a man puts into his body has a huge effect on his energy levels, his overall health, and his mental and emotional state – and of course, on his ability to perform. A diet that is high in unhealthy fats, salt, and processed/fast foods just does not provide the nutrients that are needed for the body to function at its prime, and it can leave a man feeling bloated, fatigued and generally un-ready for any potential bedroom action. Over the long term, the cardiovascular effects of a poor diet can damage his ability to perform at all.

It is not necessary (and in fact it may be harmful) to follow the latest fad diet craze, but following the FDA guidelines for nutrition is always a good place to start. Men should work with their doctors to determine their daily calorie requirements and then focus on fresh, whole, unprocessed foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean protein, dairy products and heart-healthy fats.

2) Quit smoking. Few lifestyle choices are as damaging to the human body as use of tobacco products, especially those that are smoked. Smoking damages the heart, lungs, circulatory tissue, and nerves. It reduces a man’s energy levels and stamina, it gives him bad breath, and it can even shrink the penis. Quitting can improve essentially every aspect of a man’s life, including his sex life, so there really is no down side here.

3) Use a sunscreen. Yes, a sunscreen, even down there. The UV rays from the sun don’t just age the face and other exposed areas of the body. Clothing provides something of a cover, but it does not block all of the damaging rays from the sun. Applying a sunscreen to the area when spending any length of time outdoors, especially at the beach or another open area, is a good idea; it can reduce the risk of skin cancer later on, and it can also diminish the aging effects that can cause wrinkled, dry-looking skin.

4) Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. All of the cells of the body need enough water to carry out their specialized functions, including those of the penis. In addition, consuming enough water can prevent the skin from appearing dry, brittle or saggy. Make sure to drink at least the full 8 glasses of day that are recommended.

5) Use a penis health cream. The average male may be puzzled by the amount of money that a woman is willing to shell out on skin care products. On the other hand, if he takes the time to think about how much he enjoys her soft, radiant skin, it might become clear that she’s actually onto something here. The good news for men is that these products aren’t all made for women, and they are not all intended for use on the face, neck, and hands.

In fact, regular use of a top-drawer penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can visibly improve the tone and texture of the penile skin; and this softer skin is often more responsive to sensual stimulation. Adding a cream like this to his daily personal care routine is an excellent way to support healthier, more youthful penile skin.