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What Is Oncogene? And How Cancer Is Formed With Red Meat Carcinogens?

The study of oncogene helps you to improve the techniques involved in the treatment methods. With this, one can improve knowledge in detecting cancer and the treatment process! Often, oncogenes instruct protein cells to function properly and stimulate cell division. With the inhibition of cell differentiation, normal cell development has been discovered thereby oncogenes increase the production rate of protein cells. 

When the protein cells have been increased, cell divisions also get increased. Together, cell differentiation inhibits cell growth and targets the molecular structure of the cells. Various protein cells disrupted greatly and lead to cancer. The receptor and plasma membrane amplifies and enters into the gene signal to provide a pathway for the protein cell. Read on further to know everything about oncogenes!!

Why do you need to know about oncogene?

During the process of embryogenesis, oncogenes play a significant role in cell stimulation and growth. As a result of this, organisms begin to develop and negatively impact the growth of cell differentiation. At the same time, oncogene activities are stopped during the development of cells, and everything regulated by the genes. If the oncogene activity is high, then cancer is the final stage. This is how; cell mutation causes protein cells to abrupt massively and cause cancer! 

During cell differentiation, the plasma membrane acts as the bridge for the receptors and creates a wall inside the cell. In addition, the outside of the cell acts as an antenna and associates the cell to perform an enzymatic activity. The cell responds for the growth and shrink thereby it creates an extracellular region with the receptors to create cancer cells. With the oncogene cells, stimulation factors occur and protein cells frequently kindle new blood vessels to change a formation. 

  • For example, if a ligand is connected with the receptor, then there are frequent changes occur on the genes and make them to activate into the intracellular domain. 
  • Intracellular events often regulate the growth of the cell, cell replication, and much more. The examples are EGFR, EGF, KDR, and VEGF that involved in the process of angiogenesis. 
  • Most importantly, protein receptors normally stimulate the surface of cells to create a pathway for cell growth and division. 
  • In the distinct stages of cell replication, the cell provides appropriate signals to the next stage and exposed at higher levels. As a result of this stage, cancer can occur.

How oncogene occurs?

Through the chromosomal translocation, oncogene activation may occur. It was discovered in the year 1960 for the first time. During the translocation, chromosome 9 one end is exchanged with chromosome 22 one end. The end 22 is broken due to the entry of the BCR gene which is then carrying chromosome 9 ABL1 gene. As a result of this, both the end of the chromosome fuses together and forms BCR-ABL and it was discovered in the year 1985. The formation helps protein cells to encode in order to provide high protein tyrosine kinase action. This protein activity regulates the other proteins during the process of cycle stimulation and cell division. 

Does eating red meat cause cancer?

If you are the one who is eating processed meat; there is a chance of stomach cancer. Red meat causes cancer for people and it is always better to avoid eating red meat. Some of the red meats are beef, pork, and lamb which then causes cancer. In recent times, research has found that eating processed meat will cause cancer. If you eat meats for a long day, it is better to cut down as possible. At the same time, the less you eat red meat, the more you can reduce the risks. So quitting a habit of eating red meat is good for your health! 

The WHO has announced that processed meat has red meat carcinogens and eating processed red meat will increase the chance of stomach cancer and pancreatic cancer. It is because; carcinogens are rich in red meat and so eating processed meat will cause severe health risks in the future. If you are unable to quit the habit of eating processed meat, then slowly reduce to eat meat per month alone. Processed meat usually made of red meat and contains nitrates and nitrites which slow down the digestion and cause cancer!!

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