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Disease Prevention Through Simple Health Awareness is Essential

For years now, we have heard a lot about controlling disease through diet, exercise and food supplements, but not much is being said as far as disease prevention. What I’m saying here is that the best offense is a good defense. By understanding our own physiologies better, we can take great strides in simply not incurring serious illness in the first place. Our bodies were designed to function perfectly within a certain set of lifestyle and nutritional guidelines.

We are all are born with both inherent strengths and weaknesses as part of our genetic inheritance. All of the tissues in our bodies, whether of bone, muscle, gland or organ, have a unique balance of chemical elements that are designed to work in harmony with one another. It is now believed, that all chronic diseases are accompanied by nutritional deficiencies and a lack of key vitamins and trace minerals. Nobel Laureate Linus Pauling asserted that all diseases can be attributed to a lack of or missing constituent vitamin or mineral imbalance in the essential chemical elements that make up the body. That sounds simple enough, but I’m certain we don’t have all of the answers.

Is an inadequate diet simply a case of not eating enough food, or not eating enough of the right kinds of foods? It is now felt that it is the consumption of a majority of inappropriate foods that lead to nutritional deficiencies in the body. By arming ourselves with the knowledge that our farm soils have been virtually depleted of natural nutrients with well over a century of mass agriculture, we can determine that organically grown produce, by it’s very nature, can give us wholesome foods replete with the nutrients that nature intended. Plus, organic farming assures that the soil is nutritionally replenished, ensuring future healthy yields free of growth chemicals, hormones and a myriad of noxious poisonous chemicals, all of which our bodies are unequipped to handle.

Excessive mental work, for example, can deplete the brain, nerves and glands.There are also many other ways in which the body exhausts its valuable supply of chemical elements. Stress can severely weaken our immune system. Toxins can to build up in our bodies, leading to chemical depletion which in turn leads to cellular starvation. We can simply neglect our bodies by eating junk food or too much processed and fatty foods, which in this day and age is so easy to do. Any abuse or overwork to our bodies, in addition to any inherent weakness we may have, can leave us with nutritional deficiencies. By not getting enough exercise, fresh air and quality stress free time, we greatly compromise our immune systems. The good news here is that by being aware of our limits, we can start to live life as we were meant to, with no positive limits.

Symptoms of ill health are the consequence of nutritional deficiencies and chemical imbalances in the body. Many times symptoms are taken for granted as a natural sign of aging. When left unchecked, however, these same deficiencies can contribute to chronic disease such as arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, diabetes and arthritis. Finally, after many years of limping through life, we die. By making very simple, common sense lifestyle changes, our bodies can, and will, heal themselves.

The appearance of symptoms marks the clinical stage of a disease. Chronic fatigue is often a sign that something is wrong inside. It has been found that with nutritional supplementation and dietary improvements, you can work toward the remission of symptoms and the reversal of the disease process.

Scientists now recognize that even mild nutritional deficiencies and biochemical imbalances can create subtle symptoms of disease. Although there is a point of no return in tissue damage caused by severe long-term deficiencies, it is surprising to see how well the body responds to nutritional correction. As the chemical signs of deficiency are eased, it has been found that many symptoms being experienced are reduced or even eliminated.

Prevention of chemical depletion is the key to optimal health. Take cancer for instance. People don’t die from cancer, per se, they die from the ravages to the immune system, which in turn leads to infections resulting from the severe depletion of vital nutrients. Ironically, the accepted cures for cancer in American medicine are often the biggest culprits, destroying not only cancerous cells, but surrounding healthy cells as well. I went through cancer therapy so I am not speculating here. What I do know is that Natural Health Practitioners think in terms of treating the patient, not just the disease or the symptoms. They consider each patient as an individual with individual needs. Their goal is to see their patients return to normal health, but normal for one patient may not be the same as normal for another.

One way to evaluate your nutritional needs is to obtain a Biochemical Health Assessment. Standard blood tests only identify clinical signs of dysfunction. They tell you when something is broken. A Biochemical Health Assessment, on the other hand, evaluates your body’s biochemistry based on a state of optimal physical health and well being. It identifies when there are imbalances in your body’s biochemistry and chemical make-up.

A complete Biochemical Health Assessment, should evaluate your Cholesterol Levels, including your Coronary Heart Risk Ratio, your Liver Function, Kidney Function and Thyroid Function. It should also assess your Blood Sugar Levels, Blood Electrolytes as well as check for signs of Anemia and Infection.

Think about it. If you start feeding your body the nutrition it needs, disease can be eliminated before any symptoms begin. If you’re unsure that your diet or lifestyle is not what it should be, then you’re right. Look for a quality liquid vitamin and mineral supplement and follow a few common sense guidelines, keeping on top of the latest nutritional news that’s readily available.

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