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Food For Diabetics – Top Foods For Diabetic Patients

Foods for diabetics are really not any different from what the standard HEALTHY diet should be. In an ideal world, everyone would be eating a healthy, plant-based diet, and enjoy their good health into the old age.

However, the reality is that what most of us are eating today cannot in any way be described as healthy. And the results are devastating. Obesity, heart disease, cancer, and diabetes – all these disorders are the direct result of our food and life-style choices.

Foods that should be eaten include generous amounts of fresh vegetables eaten mostly raw or lightly cooked, fresh, raw fruits, whole grains, and legumes. Animal protein, such as meats, fish, dairy, eggs – should be consumed in limited amounts only once or two times a week. All animal foods are rich in fat and protein and deficient in fiber and the antioxidant nutrients that protect against heart disease and cancer.

Various studies of populations eating about 30% of calories from fat (this is the current recommendation of both USDA and ADA – American Diabetes Association), demonstrate that such populations have higher incidence of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases than populations that consume less than 15% of calories from fat, in which diabetes and heart disease are virtually nonexistent.

Diet high in fat contributes to diabetes, because fat interferes with absorption of sugar from the bloodstream into cells. Diet high in protein is risky for diabetics because such diet puts too much stress on kidneys, speeding up the progression of kidney failure.

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